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Truck Accident Causes Wrongful Death$1,875,000.00

The truck driver collided with a parked vehicle from the rear. We proved the truck driver violated his hours of service requirements and failed to properly maintain his vehicle. Kalka & Baer was able to obtain a record settlement where the accident occurred (Prince Geroge County).

Truck Without Warning Lights Causes Accident$1,000,000.00

In Paulding County, our client was driving up over a hill and beginning their descent when they collided with an 18-wheeler that was stopped in the middle of the road. The truck did not have the proper warning lights on, indicating their presence and due to the fact that they were hidden by the hill, the automobile driver did not have enough time to respond. The client suffered through 5 surgeries to help with various injuries to their ankle, arms, and head region. All in all, our client had over $320,000 in medical costs, as well as more expenses to come in the future. Kalka & Baer LLC was able to obtain a one million dollar settlement through aggressive representation.

Driver Suffers Severe Facial Fractures Due to Tow Truck Driver’s Negligence$1,000,000.00

While driving southbound on I-85, a tow truck attempted to make an illegal U-turn in between pillars under a cross over bridge. This was an illegal move and it resulted in a serious car accident with our client who was traveling in the far left lane when the tow truck driver attempted this left turn. The tow truck could not complete the turn quickly enough and our client struck the back of the truck, causing their car to overturn into the median. Our client suffered numerous facial fractures, a broken jaw, lost many teeth, and had to undergo a number of surgeries. The tow truck’s insurance company attempted to deny liability, claiming that their driver had used his emergency lights and signaled that he was turning left, however, Attorney Tony Kalka and Attorney Matthew Broun at Kalka & Baer, LLC discovered that these were aftermarket lights that were not up to code. By proving this negligence on behalf of the tow truck company for not providing proper lights on their vehicles, Attorney Kalka and Attorney Broun recovered a $1 million settlement to cover all of our client’s medical expenses past and future, as well as pain and suffering, lost wages, and other associated costs.

Car Backs Up and Seriously Injures Pedestrian in Fulton County$775,000.00

Kalka & Baer represented a client who was injured while installing pine straw for a resident in Fulton County. The client was working near the driveway, when the owner of the home backed up without looking and pinned the client against his work truck. This resulted in serious injuries to his right leg, including multiple fractures, and made it impossible for him to walk for weeks on end. Other emotional and physical damage were an unfortunate result of this incident. Attorney Kalka relentlessly fought on behalf of his client, settling the claim for $775,000 at mediation.

Truck Causes Accident with Illegal U-Turn$755,000.00

In Fulton County on Interstate 75, our client was travelling on his way to work when he encountered a tractor trailer blocking the way. Without having time to stop, he hit the truck at 55 miles per hour. He suffered a fractured kneecap and broken back. The problem was not in the hands of the automobile driver, but rather the truck driver, as he had been making a U-turn when the truck got stuck in the mud. The national trucking company tried to claim that our client had plenty of time to stop and avoid the accident; however, Kalka & Baer LLC was able to prove that the truck did not have proper reflecting tape or lights to denote that it was in the way of the road and at a standstill. Upon further investigation, Kalka & Baer LLC was able to subpoena the trucking company due to the fact that the truck driver was making an illegal U-turn. This was not only a direct violation of the company's policies, but also that of state laws.

Vehicle Rear-Ended by Truck$375,000.00

In DeKalb County on the Interstate 285, a tractor trailer owned by a national trucking company rear-ended our client. Despite the fact that the client suffered from a torn rotator cuff, which demanded surgery, the truck driver claimed that he was not responsible. Through deposition and providing witness testimony, Kalka & Baer LLC revealed that this same driver had caused three other truck accidents in the past 2 years alone. Additionally, they showed that he had been driving his tractor trailer too fast under the existing weather conditions at the time of the accident. Before having to go to trial, the trucking company offered a considerable financial settlement.

Truck Driver Cuts Off Motorcyclist, Leaving Them Seriously Injured with No Memory of the Accident$350,000.00

While traveling northbound on US 411 in Tennessee, the client’s motorcycle struck the rear of a tractor trailer that was making a wide right turn over multiple lanes in front of them into the Madisonville Marine for a delivery. Immediately following the accident, the client was airlifted to a local hospital with severe injuries including broken ribs, a paralyzed right eye, and fractured vertebrae. They were initially determined to be at-fault for the collision, however, there were no witnesses located and no recollection of the facts of the collision by the client due to memory loss. Attorney Kalka was contacted by Attorney Brian Caron of Steelhorse Law for his vast case background in tractor trailer collisions. After Attorney Kalka’s initial investigation with Attorney Caron, they discovered surveillance footage from Madisonville Marine, which, revealed the tractor trailer cutting directly in front of the client, causing the collision. Between Attorney Kalka and Attorney Caron, they were a perfect match for defense counsel in filing a lawsuit in Madisonville, Tennessee; however, defense counsel removed the case to the Eastern District Court of Tennessee for a more favorable defense verdict. Through their relentless approach, Attorney Kalka and Attorney Caron recovered $350,000 for this client in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Truck Accident: Swift Transportation Truck Collides with Car, then Drags the Car Forty Feet$205,000.00

A husband and wife were out running in Banks County, Georgia and were stopped at a traffic intersection after leaving Wal-Mart, when a fully loaded tractor-trailer was entering the roadway to deliver products and collided with one car, then proceeded to strike our clients' car, which drug the car approximately forty (40) feet. Our client's vehicle remained partially trapped under the trailer. Both clients suffered multiple injuries and the husband was required to undergo back surgery as a result of the collision. After our clients incurred a large amount of medical bills the trucking company denied liability and would not pay for their medical bills. The couple was left to figure out how to pay these bills that their health insurance would not pay because another person was at fault for the injuries. Kalka & Baer filed the lawsuit in the State Court of Clayton County. They systematically deposed the truck driver, safety director, dispatcher, and Swift Company designated representative and each was asked, under oath, if he/she believed that the truck driver had adequate training. After a very thorough and aggressive litigation, Kalka & Baer was able to reach a combined settlement at mediation just weeks before the trial of the case.

Head-On Collision Results in Serious Hip Injuries$200,000.00

Kalka & Baer’s client was headed westbound on Paces Ferry Road when he was hit head on by a driver who was going east and hydroplaned across the double yellow lines. The driver who was hit suffered a labrum tear to his right hip and ultimately had to undergo surgery to remedy his injuries. Self employed, he lost business as a result of his injuries and ultimately had to change careers, not before losing out on significant income. Our Atlanta injury lawyers were able to show that the at-fault driver who hydroplaned should have been driving more cautiously and the accident would not have occurred. By proving fault, we recovered a $200,000 settlement to cover the cost of our client’s medical expenses, lost wages, and overall pain and suffering.

Truck Accident: Redmond v. Swift Transportation Company$185,000.00

Our client was leaving Walmart when a Swift Transportation truck driver took a sharp left and collided with a vehicle then struck our client's pickup truck. The Swift truck dragged our client's vehicle forty feet. The client suffered lower back pain and sciatica, which resulted in back surgery ultimately. Swift denied liability for this accident, which led the client to a lawyer that practices general personal injury. This lawyer knew of Mr. Kalka's reputation as a trucking lawyer and referred Mr. Kalka to litigate the case. Mr. Kalka filed the law suit against Swift and deposed the truck driver, dispatcher, and company safety director. Mr. Kalka was able to prove that the truck driver was an inexperienced driver and that this lack of experience caused or contributed to the collision. He also proved that the surveillance on his client would inflame the jury at trial. Two weeks prior to trial, Swift requested to go to mediation to resolve the case. Mr. Kalka kept fighting motion after motion and agreed to mediate only if Swift flew in a company representative from Phoenix. Prior to mediation, the last offer from Swift was $14,000. On February 5, 2015 this matter resolved for $185,000 at mediation.

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