Determining Liability in a Jackknife Accident

A jackknife accident is an accident where a tractor trailer, or big rig, skids along a road to the point where the trailer rotates against the tractor in a motion similar to that made by closing a jackknife. As soon as a tractor trailer jackknifes on a road, it goes across multiple lanes thus blocking traffic and putting other drivers and vehicles in harm's way.

It is not uncommon in jackknife accidents for the driver of the big rig to lay blame on another vehicle who either cut him off, swerved in front of him, or forced him to slam on his brakes too quickly. While in some instances that may be the case, a tractor trailer can jackknife for many reasons including driver error, driver distraction, truck axles locking, speeding, improperly adjusted brakes, lack of proper maintenance and more. The key in such accidents in quickly and accurately determining who is liable for the resultant damages and injuries.

In cases such as this, we advise you contact a skilled Fulton jackknife accident attorney at our firm as soon as possible after the accident. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in all kinds of truck accidents. We understand the stress and frustration involved when the trucking company or driver seek to defer blame to others, or your insurance carrier acts with bad faith, after you have been injured in a jackknife accident.

That is why we are here to help. Our attorneys know what is involved in determining liability and we are able to bring a unique perspective to our cases due to the fact that one of our lead attorneys is a former defense attorney for a large insurance firm. His past experience offers an insight into how insurance companies and trucking companies will attempt to present their cases, and how we can determine all liable parties, in order to aggressively help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a jackknife accident in the Fulton or surrounding area, you owe it to yourself to contact a jackknife accident lawyer at Kalka & Baer LLC right away. Let us help you obtain justice for the pain and injuries you have sustained.

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