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At Kalka & Baer LLC, we are prepared to provide you with excellent client service and effective legal representation. Having practiced personal injury for more than 20 years, our firm has handled numerous truck accident cases and could skillfully fight for the compensation you deserve. Tony Kalka spent several of his first years in practice defending trucking companies and their insurance from claims like the one you need to file, which means that he has an edge against your opponent. No matter what type of truck accident you have suffered, contact our offices today. Through a free case evaluation, we could determine what could and cannot be done to recover your damages.

Trucking Accident Practice Areas

Causes of Truck Accidents
Truck accidents can result from drunk driving, driver distraction, fatigue, mechanical failure, recklessness, unsafe lane changes, employer negligence and much more. Find out how you could file a claim for any of these by consulting with a truck accident lawyer today.

Drunk Driving Truck Accidents
Commercial truck drivers are considered to be too intoxicated to drive when their blood alcohol concentration is at .04% versus the normal .08%. Drunk truck drivers cause hundreds of deaths each year in accidents, so fight for compensation in your case to hold a drunk driver accountable.

Employer Negligence
In some cases, the trucking company could be responsible for the accident due to inadequate training, improper maintenance of the vehicle, or application of unreasonable deadlines and stress on their employees.

Jackknife Accidents
A tractor trailer can jackknife - or fold at the coupling - due to braking to hard, icy roads, unsafe lane changes, collision with another vehicle, and much more. These accidents often block several lanes and cause multiple vehicle crashes.

Underride Accidents
When a small vehicle crashes into the side of a semi-truck's trailer or collides with it from behind where no rear-guard is in place, the car could slide underneath the trailer, causing the victim to suffer a crushing injury or wrongful death.

Unsafe Lane Changes
Truck drivers have extreme blind spots when driving, but are still responsible for maneuvering a very large and heavy vehicle. Changing lanes without making every effort to ensure it is safe to do so could result in a serious truck accident where the driver is responsible.

Wrongful Death
If an innocent victim suffers death in a trucking accident, the immediate family could fight for compensation to cover their funeral and burial costs, loss of income, pain and suffering, and more.

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Contact Kalka & Baer LLC right away if you are in need of a caring and attentive injury attorney. Our legal team understands that you may very well be going through one of the most painful and stressful times of your life, and we are here to help you through it. We make a point of hearing you out and studying every detail of your case so that we can fight for you from every angle. You deserve maximum compensation for your traumatizing accident and injuries and we will do everything we can to help you obtain just that.

With our experience defending insurance companies, as well as our recognition in respected lawyer rating publications, Kalka & Baer LLC is more than qualified to represent you in a truck accident case. Both of our head attorneys have been selected for inclusion in Georgia Super Lawyers® Rising Stars for multiple years, and we have been featured in Georgia Trend's Legal Elite for 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2015, as well. Call our offices today at 1-678-956-1932 to schedule a consultation appointment, or send us your information by completing our free online case evaluation form. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you fight for justice after suffering injury in a truck accident.