Fulton Jackknife Accident Lawyer

What is a jackknife accident?

A jackknife accident can only be caused by a semi-truck towing a trailer. Since the construction of an 18-wheeler involves a large tractor unit that is coupled to a long trailer, problems can arise when the driver has to make a sudden movement or loses control of the truck. An example would be where the truck driver fails to yield or stop and has to slam on their brakes. When this happens, the tractor may stop easily enough, but the weight and momentum of the fully loaded trailer could continue moving forward and cause the big rig to fold at the coupling like a "jackknife." Other vehicles behind and around the tractor trailer could then collide with the truck, resulting in serious truck accident injuries.

How to Get Compensation for a Jackknife Accident

Trucking companies may try to sidestep liability in these cases by claiming that the driver was not given enough time to stop or was at the mercy of weather conditions, such as icy roads. This is often true, but the accident could very well be the fault of the driver or a negligent employer. Improper maintenance of the vehicle could cause a blowout or brake failure that results in loss of control and the jackknife effect. A reckless trucker could attempt to make an unsafe lane change and hit another vehicle, causing the truck to fold up across several lanes and cause a multi-car pileup. No matter what the case, accident victims should consult with a Fulton trucking accident attorney from Kalka & Baer LLC immediately to determine whether or not they have a case.

Retain a Jackknife Accident Attorney in Fulton, GA

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