Underride Accident Attorney in Fulton

How do underride accidents happen?

A properly constructed 18-wheeler will have what is known as a "rear-guard" installed on the back of the trailer. In most cases, the trailer on a big rig will be four to five feet off the ground, which presents a high danger to motorists travelling behind the truck in the event of a rear-end collision. An underride accident is where a smaller vehicle crashes into the back of a tractor trailer with no rear-guard and travels beneath the trailer, crushing the top of the car or severing it altogether. This type of accident can also occur when a vehicle collides with the trailer from the side in a T-bone accident.

Underride Accidents

Liability and Negligence in Underride Accidents

Regardless of whether or not the trucker is at fault, if no rear-guard was in place at the time of the collision, the victim in the smaller vehicle has every right to demand compensation. This also applies to the immediate family of anyone who suffered wrongful death in such a crash, which is very possible. It is the responsibility of the trucking company to ensure that their trailers are equipped with rear-guards to prevent these accidents, which makes it possible to file a claim for negligence when such equipment was missing, even if you were at fault for colliding with the truck. These cases must be handled deftly by a skilled Fulton trucking accident lawyer, so call Kalka & Baer LLC today if you've been injured in an underride accident.

Hire a Fulton Underride Accident Lawyer

Kalka & Baer LLC has provided excellent representation for clients for more than 20 years. If you have been injured in an underride accident, or if a family member has been killed in such a collision, we could help. Our legal team could thoroughly investigate your case to establish negligence and prove that there was no rear-guard in place at the time of your accident, allowing you to file for compensation. You deserve a full recovery of your damages, so call now and schedule your free initial consultation.