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Negligent Commercial Truck Drivers

In order to obtain their commercial drivers' license, truck drivers must undergo extensive training and testing to prove their skill and caution while operating an 18-wheeler. Nevertheless, truck drivers can become careless or negligent, making them susceptible to mistakes that result in serious truck accidents. This negligent behavior could be texting while driving, driving while intoxicated, or something as simple as making an unsafe lane change.

Georgia Traffic Lanes

Establishing Negligence for Unsafe Lane Change Accidents

Before merging into another lane, truck drivers must take extensive care to determine whether or not a car is beside them. It is true that trucks have major blind spots near the back of their trailer, but there are ways of ensuring that they do not hit another vehicle when changing lanes. Negligent and careless truck drivers may skip over certain precautionary measures before changing lanes, or they may simple merge without checking for adjacent traffic at all. When this happens, any injured victims could file an injury claim against the truck driver, and possibly their trucking company if employer negligence was a factor. Learn more about unsafe lane changes and find out whether or not you have a case by consulting for free with a Fulton truck accident attorney from Kalka & Baer LLC today.

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